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Month: February, 2020

Girls That Love It Up The Bum

Sometimes I wonder if the anal genre isn’t more popular with guys purely because they are fascinated by it which in turn again is purely because they have not experienced it for themselves.

Let me be the first to put my hand up then and say it’s pretty much the case for me, except I wouldn’t say I’m exactly all that fascinated by it. I mean, I’m not any more drawn to it, when it comes to porn, that I am with anything that’s vaginal sex. Still, there is some intrigue for sure.

There aren’t really all that many good anal porn sites are there, ones like this that is completely dedicated to the genre. I don’t specifically know what the reason is for that either. I don’t get the impression that there’s a lack of pornstars doing it, I even see plenty of teen sites having anal scenes so surely if teens are fine with it there’s no shortage?

So much I don’t know, but here’s what I do know: You can save 51% with a True Anal discount.